Sunday October 29, 2017: Featuring Jason Hatrick

Another Sunday brings another amazing show to Comedy Abroad. This week, as seen on Zoofest and OFF-JFL, Jason Hatrick will be closing the show and Scott Carter will be our host so you know we’re in for a good one! Also on the lineup we have Victoria Cordova, Karl Knox, Jon Selig and Oren Shbiro.

As always… Show tips at 8:15 PM, Sunday night. 1245 rue St. André If you’re an STM kinda person, get off at Metro Berri UQAM.Warning: If you’re driving, St. Catherine St. is closed off, so you need to drive down St. Andre from Sherbrooke or Ontario. This is a PWYC show. There will be an envelope on your table. Come in, sit down, enjoy the show. If you’re laughing hard, stick some money in the envelope. We’d love a donation of $8-10 (especially if you’re laughing), but ultimately – pay what-you-can.


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