Sunday May 21, 2017: Birthday bash for Queen V

Hear Ye Hear Ye, In honor of Queen V’s  one millionth birthday we at Comedy Abroad are sparing no expense and putting on a royal show for her Majesty. Talents from all across the land are coming to entertain in her name. Those who do not attend will be put on a list of people who can never be knighted. Are you willing to take that risk? be a Sir, not a lo-sir.

Hailing originally from Scotland, Darren Henwood will be there to close the show and we’ve got Aba from the hit You Tube channel Aba & Preach on hosting duties.

Also on the lineup:

Todd Graham

Rachel Gendron

Megan Honey

Greg Houston

Jon Selig

and Oren Shbiro

Show tips at 8:15 PM, Sunday night. 1245 rue St. André.  If you’re an STM kinda person, get off at Metro Berri UQAM.

This is a PWYC show.  There will be an envelope on your table. Come in, sit down, enjoy the show.  If  you’re laughing hard, stick some money in the envelope.  We’d love a donation of $8-10 (especially if you’re laughing), but ultimately – pay what-you-can.

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