Sunday, June 4, 2017: Homecomings Galore

We kick off June with the return of two of our favourite departees!  Guido Cocomello‘s performed at Just For Laughs, and has toured all over Canada. He currently calls Los Angeles home, where he’s making Californians crack up repeatedly.  He’s back in MTL for a visit, and we’re excited he’s closing out tonight’s show!

No stranger to Comedy Abroad is Habib Siam.  The lanky sneaker-addict moved to Toronto earlier this year, but is in town for some other gigs. We’re handing the mic over to him to MC what should be a blast of a show!

Also performing:  Jason Celin! Vlad Levitt! Kristen Finch! Oren Shbiro! Jon Selig! Maybe a special guest?

Show tips at 8:15 PM, Sunday night. 1245 rue St. André.  If you’re an STM kinda person, get off at Metro Berri UQAM.

This is a PWYC show.  There will be an envelope on your table. Come in, sit down, enjoy the show.  If  you’re laughing hard, stick some money in the envelope.  We’d love a donation of $8-10 (especially if you’re laughing), but ultimately – pay what-you-can.


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