Sunday June 25, 2017: Baptised in laughter

It’s Saint Jean’s birthday, you know the Jewish preacher who baptised Jesus in the Jordan River, and that’s why its Quebec Day! Okay.. We’re confused too, But any excuse to party is okay with us and as usual we have a killer lineup this Sunday to cure your parade hangover.

Abdul Butt will be closing our show. He has been nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award, Writers Guild of Canada Award, performed standup at multiple festivals including Hubcap and OFF JFL and this Sunday we’re excited that he’s joining us at Comedy Abroad.

Our host for the evening has been on Just for Laughs and Zoofest. None other than the Great Greek himself, Panetelis!

Also on the show:

Loz Vieux,

Daniel Carin,

Aba Atlas,

Andrew Packer,

Thiago Macklin Lima,

Oren Shbiro

and Jon Selig

Show tips at 8:15 PM, Sunday night. 1245 rue St. André.  If you’re an STM kinda person, get off at Metro Berri UQAM.

This is a PWYC show.  There will be an envelope on your table. Come in, sit down, enjoy the show.  If  you’re laughing hard, stick some money in the envelope.  We’d love a donation of $8-10 (especially if you’re laughing), but ultimately – pay what-you-can.

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