Sunday August 13, 2017: The Bloody Caesar of comedy shows

Mid-August sees Montreal in its hangover faze. The festivals have stopped and the back to school blues start to settle in. Comedy Abroad doesn’t believe in slowing down so grab your Bloody Caesar (Bloody Mary if you’re  a weirdo not Canadian) and get ready for another hilarious night.

Closing out the show we have local favorite Shawn Stenhouse. Chosen as one of Montreal’s Young Guns of Comedy, Shawn’s work has done much in breaking the mold of the bearded white man who wears plaid shirts and rides a bike to work everyday, and this Sunday he’s here for you.

Aba Atlas is back on hosting duties, and if you watch his you tube channel with fellow funny man Preach, you know you’re in for a treat.

Also on the lineup:

Eric Dreiblatt, Mike Thomas, Alon Azimov, Julianna Rodrigues, Michael Freedman, Oren Shbiro and Jon Selig

As always… Show tips at 8:15 PM, Sunday night. 1245 rue St. André

If you’re an STM kinda person, get off at Metro Berri UQAM.Warning: If you’re driving, St. Catherine St. is closed off, so you need to drive down St. Andre from Sherbrooke or Ontario. 

This is a PWYC show.  There will be an envelope on your table. Come in, sit down, enjoy the show.  If  you’re laughing hard, stick some money in the envelope.  We’d love a donation of $8-10 (especially if you’re laughing), but ultimately – pay what-you-can.


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