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What We Do & Our Growth

The set-up: Comedy Abroad produces stand-up comedy shows using pro comics in popular tourist destinations.


The punchline: Proceeds from our shows benefit non-profits in these communities while promoting responsible tourism.



How We Work

We partner with registered nonprofit partners making a direct impact in their communities. Our partners promote our shows to tourism/hospitality and to the local expats community, and we support them by providing them with all the promotional materials they’ll need (video content, posters, flyers, playbills) to get them excited! Ticket proceeds benefit our partners, and go towards helping their community. Everyone wins – new funds are raised off of tourism, lives are improved, and our audiences laugh hard and repeatedly.


Oh, and while we’re there, we want to film our comics being travellers and create loads of funny videos/content!  We’ll be participating in activities, eating local food, meeting people, discovering random stuff.  We’d love to work with you to create funny content that will promote your brand.  Get on board, and we’ll work with you to find the funny in the intersection between our trip and your brand.

Our Impact

Past nonprofit partners include FIMRC (Project Limon, Nicaragua), Abriendo Mentes (Brasilito, Costa Rica), Biblioteca David Kitson (Nosara, CR), and Asociacion CREAR (Samara, CR).The model has proven successful on our two tours in Central America – Our shows have raised a combined $18,315 USD!

This winter, we’re teaming up with some incredible nonprofits including: Techo (Mexico), FIMRC (Nicaragua AND Costa Rica), Barrio Planta Project (Nicaragua), and Keeping Kids in School (Mexico).

Support This

We’re offering your business sponsorship of our tours in exchange for modest fees, some of which – and in some cases, all – will go directly to our nonprofit partners. These donations will offset costs and ensure that a higher percentage of ticket proceeds can go to our nonprofit partners. We’re also happy to accept non-cash donations which will offset costs associated with our tours.


We’re putting together a great corporate social responsibility program, promoting:


  • Your brand
  • Funny video content filmed at-destination which can feature/promote your business
  • Improved lives & opportunities for Latin American communities
  • Responsible tourism
  • Hilarious live comedy experiences
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