Comedy Abroad - Stand-up Comedy in Montreal
Stand-up comedy fundraisers in Montreal to benefit local non profits in well touristed destinations
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Sundays at MBAR!

We have shows Sunday nights, 8:15pm at MBar (1245 rue St. Andre).  Shows are Pay-by-Donation.  Come in, enjoy the show, and later one we’ll request you to pay us what you think the show’s worth. We think it’s worth $8-$10, but don’t just take our word for it.   Folks on TripAdvisor seem to get a kick out of what we do!


Hilarious pro & up-and-coming comics from Montreal (and elsewhere) get onstage for travellers (and locals) simply to make ’em laugh. Credits of (some) performers include festivals like Just For Laughs, Edinburgh Fringe, Melbourne Comedy Festival, clubs all around the world, and TV & film.  Swing by, swap accents with the person next to you. Hope to see you!

August 31, 2014: Screw Mondays

They suck. But they're inevitable. You need to forget they're coming. Start your new pre-emptive attack on Mondays with comedy every Sunday night, showtime at 8pm. The beauty of this Sunday debut is the next day is Labour Day, so you can nurse your hangover...


August 28, 2014: The Last Thursday

Very quick update as @jonselig is pre-occupied with non-comedy related matters: This Thursday is our LAST Thursday show before we make the permanent move to Sundays. Yes, SUNDAYS. Go to church, praise whatever lord you may or may not believe in, and then wind...


August 21, 2014: Dog Day Thursday

(Quick, IMPORTANT note before this week's show preview! The show will be moving to Sunday nights after August 28th (this week and next will be on Thursday, but beyond that - SUNDAYS! Please update all electronic calendars and reminding devices as of that date. We'll let...

August 14, 2014:  Aunt Gladys’ Shock

August 14, 2014: Aunt Gladys’ Shock

"Oh, dearie me!" exclaimed Aunt Gladys as she heard this week's Comedy Hostel lineup! "It'll be alright Aunt Gladys! No one's ever died from too many funny comedians on one show. Worst case sceneario will be some shortness of breath. Take some nitrate pills, keep...