Comedy Abroad - Stand-up Comedy in Montreal
Stand-up comedy fundraisers in Montreal to benefit local non profits in well touristed destinations
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Sundays at MBAR!

We have shows Sunday nights, 8:15pm at MBar (1245 rue St. Andre).  Shows are Pay-by-Donation.  Come in, enjoy the show, and later one we’ll request you to pay us what you think the show’s worth. We think it’s worth $8-$10, but don’t just take our word for it.   Folks on TripAdvisor seem to get a kick out of what we do!


Hilarious pro & up-and-coming comics from Montreal (and elsewhere) get onstage for travellers (and locals) simply to make ’em laugh. Credits of (some) performers include festivals like Just For Laughs, Edinburgh Fringe, Melbourne Comedy Festival, clubs all around the world, and TV & film.  Swing by, swap accents with the person next to you. Hope to see you!

January 11, 2015: Back in the Groove

The period following the holidays feature us going back-to-work, a financial hangover, and some of the worst weather known to mankind. It's the least wonderful time of the year.  Seriously. Thankfully, Comedy Abroad!'s back with your weekly respite from the crappitude. Get with it, get down...

Derek Seguin

January 4, 2015: The “Back-to-Everything” Comedy Jam

Happy 2015 to everyone! May your year have health, success, less winter and more fun!  For most, the first Monday of a new year is the back-to-work/school day.  It's also "back-to-leaving-your-home-and-dealing-with-ridiculous-Montreal-weather" day.  As per every Sunday, we'll numb your anxiety & anguish with a killer comedy show and...


December 28, 2014: Buh-Bye to 2014

It's been a hell of a year.  Our show switched venues for 7 weeks. We had the likes of Mike Ward, Heidi Foss, and Derek Seguin headline; only one drunken Australian heckler ruining things for everyone;  the show moved from Thursdays to Sundays (it's been fine,...


December 21, 2014: Loud, Unholy Nites

Welcome to this week's show writeup. What's really unholy is how long it's taken to get this week's show preview up on this site.  FIRE THE WEBMASTER!!!  But seriously folks - thanks for your patience. Merry Christmas Comedy Hostel fans! Put down all those presents you're...