Comedy Abroad - Stand-up Comedy in Montreal
Stand-up comedy fundraisers in Montreal to benefit local non profits in well touristed destinations
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Sundays at MBAR!

We have shows Sunday nights, 8:15pm at MBar (1245 rue St. Andre).  Shows are Pay-by-Donation.  Come in, enjoy the show, and later one we’ll request you to pay us what you think the show’s worth. We think it’s worth $8-$10, but don’t just take our word for it.   Folks on TripAdvisor seem to get a kick out of what we do!


Hilarious pro & up-and-coming comics from Montreal (and elsewhere) get onstage for travellers (and locals) simply to make ’em laugh. Credits of (some) performers include festivals like Just For Laughs, Edinburgh Fringe, Melbourne Comedy Festival, clubs all around the world, and TV & film.  Swing by, swap accents with the person next to you. Hope to see you!

June 21, 2015: Let’s Solstice!

June 21st is the longest "day" of the year.  When this Sunday's show starts, people will still be playing in the daylight.  Soon after, the sun will go down, and they'll be stuck in the dark. All the while, everyone at MBar will be enjoying...


June 14, 2015: Bennett & Demers/Demers & Bennett

Last weekend of spring (my, that flew by!).  Let's end this thing with a show that will make you feel like you've rejuvinated all over again. Unsure who to talk about first - your headliner or your host.  Both are extremely funny, top notch performers, are...


June 7, 2015: The Grandest of Prix

F1 Weekend is here aka Montreal's annual "Invasion of People With Accents Who Are Richer Than You"! Comedians either flock to the ongoing celebrations to develop new material or avoid it because we can't afford the beer. Thankfully, Comedy Abroad is not only going to create...


May 31, 2015: No Holds – or puns – Barred

Wordplay is sometimes wonderful, sometimes punishing.  We figured we'd punt this week's headline, and even use proper punctuation. "Enough already! Who's on this week's show???" - Most Readers Hot, hot, fresh off performing at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Andrew Barr rolls in from to Toronto to conquer this town.  He has...


May 24, 2015: Freaky Sunday

Remember that bad movie Freaky Friday? Where a mom and a daughter switched brains or souls or substance addictions and hilarity ensued?  Neither do we.  But we think we understand the premise. Which leads us to this week's show...


May 17, 2015: The Ambiguously Long Weekend

Monday in Quebec is a statutory holiday known as "La Fete des Patriotes".  In the rest of Canada it's "Victoria Day".  Either way, the name is a trivial thing.  All people care about is that they have Monday off, and an amazing stand-up show to...