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Sundays in Montreal


Sunday June 25, 2017: Baptised in laughter

It's Saint Jean's birthday, you know the Jewish preacher who baptised Jesus in the Jordan River, and that's why its Quebec Day! Okay.. We're confused too, But any excuse to party is okay with us and as usual we have a killer lineup this Sunday...


Sunday June 18, 2017: Who doesn’t like surprises?!

Another boring unfunny mug. Another backyard barbecue. Another useless golf accessory. Break the cycle of boring and bring your dads out to Mbar to help them update their dad-joke inventory. As always Comedy Abroad has an amazing lineup of funny people to help cap off your weekend. Not...


Sunday May 28, 2017: Heidi Foss > Giant puppets

Giant puppets invade the downtown core and haunt children's nightmares for eternity. Meanwhile at Mbar, Comedy Abroad has put together a show that dreams are made of. We are so excited to have Heidi Foss close out our show. Her dry, deadpan delivery has earned her...

Derek Seguin

Sunday, April 23, 2017: Le Sunday Seguinistique

It's NGSSSOAS (aka The Non-Gender-Specific Something Something Of All Shows)! Derek Seguin's pays M Bar a visit to close down ComedyAbroad.  MBar has no hatches, so batten down whatever you feel you'd like battened!  Derek's a beast onstage, and has peformed on JFK's Nasty Show and was named SiriusXM Canada's top comic....