Friends of Comedy Abroad

Our interconnected world allows for new collaboration that previously wasn’t possible. Several entities have all been *extremely* friendly to Comedy Abroad, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t show them some love! Please check-out & support & the following organizations, companies, people, and media:


Travel Massive 

Travel Massive connects thousands of travel insiders to meet, learn and collaborate at free events all around the world. We are a global community of travel industry insiders, leaders, and innovators.




Sometimes the best experiences are the ones you’ve never heard of. The cacao tour run by an indigenous cooperative. The homestay in the Sacred Valley. The Afro-Panamanian food tour in Panama City, run by a local chef.
We’ve all heard the horror stories of “responsible travel.” A traveler is looking for an authentic experience in the country they visit, and is scammed into volunteering at a fake orphanage in Thailand, or is tricked into taking the “authentic” bus tour through a historic destination. The majority of the money from that tour goes to a large, sometimes foreign corporation, and the local community gains very little.
At Keteka, we leverage the global Peace Corps network in order to FIND, VALIDATE, & CONNECT unbelievable, unique and authentic experiences with travelers who are looking for something that is off of the beaten path, and goes beyond the conventional tourist experience.


M Montreal
MBar is the home of Comedy Abroad’s weekly show in Montreal. They’ve been awesome supporters of everything we do, and run a tight ship in the heart of Montreal.


We created Travindy to tell the stories of sustainable tourism. We’re now developing it as a social enterprise to help other people tell their sustainable tourism stories as well as possible.


Visit Dot Org is a discovery and booking platform for immersive, impactful travel experiences hosted by do-good organizations around the world. 100% of hosts’ revenue is invested back into the local communities.



Horizon App

Our mission is to increase access to travel opportunities by enabling shared hospitality among trusted contacts and communities; providing free or cheap accommodation and cultural experiences not otherwise available. Enabling more people to venture outside the friendly confines of the their own country and experience an array of foreign cultures, will grow the community of those who realize we live privileged lives the majority of the world can only dream of. Those who experience the world are exponentially more likely to work on projects that improve society and raise the standard of living for those in poverty, rather than just maximizing income.



Selfish Giving

Joe’s the author of the leading cause marketing blog, Selfish Giving.




(fs)media is a content management company and developer for digital platforms
Sari Zafran is a Swiss-born, Montreal-based, director, producer, and founder of frigidshutter who designs and powers promotional content through striking visual imagery and refined motion graphics




With dubdub you can shoot, edit and share great video content simply and easily. Add text, images and rights-free music to create brilliant videos and then share them on your social feeds or on your website. All this entirely from your mobile phone.



Tony Loyd

Tony is currently the Host of Social Entrepreneur Podcast where he spends his time with changemakers who are making an impact on the world. Social Entrepreneur has aired over 90 episodes including interviews with Bill Draton of Ashoka, and leaders at RSF Social Finance, Noora Health, Ogunte, and many more.