What We Do

Comedy Abroad produces stand-up comedy fundraisers in cool destinations to benefit nonprofits doing good at the local/regional level. We’re sneakily empowering expats, tourists, and locals to give back to the communities they’re visiting or living, by making them laugh!  To date, we’ve raised $23K USD for 8 nonprofits helping communities in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Mexico.

We also create video content showcasing all our comedians do, see, eat, drink, hear and experience, as well as profiles of our nonprofit partners.  Video from our Winter 2017 tour coming soon!  Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see some video content to-date, as well as what our nonprofit partners have to say about us.

Our inaugural tour took place in winter 2015. Four Montreal-based stand-up comics blindly decided to hop on planes to undertake a tour of Guanacaste, Costa Rica to benefit 3 grassroots causes – all which support literacy and education initiatives in the region.  People laughed, funds were raised, and beaches were lazed on, all so the work that our nonprofit partners do for their community can be sustained.

If you’re a registered non-profit in Latin America, the Caribbean, or anywhere else you feel we can help you draw a crowd, please let us know.  We’d love to work with you.

What’s Next?

We’d love to fundraise for registered nonprofits. We’d also love for sponsors who love doing good and who want unique video content to step up to the plate to make this happen.

If you’re a nonprofit, changemaker, or possible sponsoring brand, please get in touch and we’ll discuss working together!

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Jon Selig – Founder


Jon’s the mad scientist behind Comedy Abroad. Educated in business, Jon sold enterprise technology for much of his adult life (which is nowhere near as sexy as it sounds). His life took a sharp left-turn in 2011, when he inadvertently began performing stand-up comedy, and began producing shows one year later. He’s curated and grown Comedy Abroad into one of Montreal’s favourite independent stand-up comedy showcases. Winter sucks, so Jon took some talented comedians to Costa Rica in February 2015 on the inaugural overseas tour for Comedy Abroad. He’s also been named to The Comedy Nest’s annual Young Guns of Comedy. His eyebrows demonstrate a clear lack of photoshop expertise

Darren eyebrow

Darren Henwood – Quick Talkin’ Scottish Guy

As a comedian, Darren is most recognized as one of Montreal’s most sought-after MCs on the club and fundraiser circuit. He uses quick-witted sarcasm, storytelling and an array of comedic taunts to put audiences in hilarious and sometimes uncomfortable situations while keeping them on the edge of their seats. He has already performed at Just For Laugh’s Zoofest Festival, as part of the bilingual ‘Anglos vs. Francos’ show (2012) and produced his own show ‘My First Time’ (2014). He has opened up for international names such as Doug Stanhope during his Tiny Blisters Tour (2013) and again in 2015, as well as Maz Jobrani. Darren is quickly becoming a name in the Canadian comedy scene that you don`t want to miss. @DarrenHenwood on Twitter

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