Comedy Abroad - Standup and Philanthropy
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Stand-Up Comedy + Tourism = Philanthropy

Comedy Abroad’s live stand-up shows offer a unique fundraising vehicle for grassroots not-for-profits in Latin America and beyond. We’re passionate about making tourists, expats, & locals laugh hard, all while empowering them give back to communities they’re passing through or living in.


Our comics have performed at international & regional comedy festivals, clubs all over North America, Fringe Festivals, fundraisers of all sizes and more.  We’ll work with you to understand who your audience/community is, and how to make your fundraiser(s) a success.


We’re currently booking out our Winter 2016 tour of Central America, and open to helping anywhere else.  If your cause or community is looking  involved in a not-for-profit that needs a shot in the arm, and would like like to learn how comedy raise funds for your cause , please get in touch.

What We Do

Empower Not-For-Profits

The Samara Beach (Costa Rica) Community Center is Asociacion CREAR's home base.

Comedy Abroad empowers not-for-profits to raise much-needed funds to help their communities & beneficiaries with live stand-up comedy fundraisers.  There’s no shortage of assistance and support that’s required on a global basis and we want to play a role.  We’re striving to build bridges between causes, and local hospitality & tourism in order to ensure that all events are a success.

Embetter Lives

Comedy Abroad helps charitable causes by performing stand-up comedy in places that aren’t used to seeing it and where it will make a difference.  There’s no shortage of assistance and support that’s required on a global basis.  We want to help.

Entertain Travellers & Expats

Tourism plays a huge role in the economies of many developing nations.  We’re looking to offer a fun night of entertainment to tourists & expats of all walks, keep them happy, and add to their stay.  At the same time, we shine light on some challenges the local community deals with. Our shows are meant to entertain, but also fill tourists & expats in on some local challenges, and further empower tourism to give back.